The origin of the brand's name - Morris Garages - can be traced back to 1921 when motor manufacturer William Morris hired Cecil Kimber. The story of MG (Morris Garages) began in 1924 in the UK. In the years that followed, MG’s stunning sports cars and cabriolets were the ride of choice for many celebrities, including British Prime Ministers and several members of the British Royal Family.

The first few cars they manufactured bore the octagonal MG logo which became a symbol for the brand. Though the founders went on to win numerous awards over the years, they will always be remembered in history for pioneering the British automotive industry and creating world speed record by their sports cars. As one of the world’s most celebrated car brands, MG is poised to extend its proud legacy to Indian roads with a clear vision to build the ‘next generation automotive company’, while delivering the best automotive experience of its kind for customers – one that reflects the MG heritage, sporting legacy and sheer class.

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