• 1924


    Cecil Kimber joined Morris Cars in 1921 and became General Manager of Morris in 1922. He began producing his own tuned versions of Morris cars to boost sales. These cars took the name from the place they were sold, the Morris Garage.The first MG was the 14/28, based upon the Morris Oxford.

  • 1933


    Undisputedly the most famous Magnette of all time, also a part of the massively successful Magna range, the racing K3 was introduced with 1100cc engines and specially made chassis on which modified C type racing bodies were mounted.But what established this car as one of the most successful racing cars in history was its victory at the Mille Miglia, an event renowned for being the toughest in the racing world.

  • 1945

    MG TC

    The first car to be produced post the Second World War; the MG TC was designed with a widened body and featured various improvements such as addition of flaps to the side screens, updated batteries, fitted hydraulic lever arm dampers etc. What was surprising about this model was its incredible success in the United States where nearly 2,000 units were sold! In fact, this car can be credited with starting the American craze for the British sports car.

  • 1956


    Introduced at the London Motor Show, this car was initially met with mixed feelings but that did not last for long. It quickly won over its critics due to its performance and superior handling and went onto become an incredible success! It was also the first MG model to employ the monocoque construction method and be fitted with the new ‘B’ series engine.

  • 1959


    An upgrade of the extremely popular MGA 1500, this model was launched with a 1588 cc engine that gave it an extra 6-brake horsepower and improved the acceleration and top speed. Other upgrades included new lighting regulations, sliding perspex side windows. But what truly distinguished the MGA series was its major styling departure from the traditional MG design.

  • 1962


    The MGB set the standards for an affordable, desirable sportscar in the 1960's. Arguably the most popular MG ever, over 500,000 MGB's were built in Abingdon (UK). The car had a production run of 19 years till 1980 and was the first MG sportscar with a monocoque design. The car offered power packed performance with its 1798 cc engine.

  • 2011


    This stunning car is arguably the most value for money model of its segment. It boasts a sporty exterior style with full width black mesh grille, black A-pillars and a wraparound windscreen. However, the feature that truly steals the show is the level of customisation possible. From the range of colours to exterior and interior design options, thousands of combinations are possible.

  • 2012


    This spectacular compact car made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show and easily emerged as the star of the event with a stunning exterior design, plush interiors and a 1.5 litre petrol four-cylinder "VTi-Tech" engine.

  • 2014

    MG GT

    Officially debuted at the Chengdu Auto Show, the MG GT is the first MG equipped with the new GM-sourced 1.4 turbo engine with 156 horse power and 235 nm. It is also the first MG to feature EPS steering and seven speed dual-clutch TST transmission, making it an extremely special launch for the company.

  • 2015

    MG GS

    Designed and engineered in London and launched at the Shanghai Auto Show, the MG GS was the first SUV produced by MG. It features an upgraded chassis that delivers better agility and great handling that enables the driver to take on even the most challenging roads with confidence! The model also allows for indulgence in small but beloved luxuries like cruise control and automatic headlamps, making it an all-round favourite.

  • 2016

    MG ZS

    The MG ZS is the latest SUV crossover that introduces a bold design and is named after the original MG ZS. The model will boast two petrol engines (1 and 1.5-litre), a choice of two gearboxes and three trim levels. But the highly anticipated feature is the level of personalisation this car offers.

  • 2017

    MG E-motion

    The MG E-motion was first unveiled at the 17th annual Shanghai International Automotive Show. The MG E-motion is an all-new electric supercar concept, the next-generation vehicle aims to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, while meeting the needs of today’s trend-setting car buyers.

  • 2018

    MG X-motion

    The MG X-motion concept car premiered at the Beijing Auto Show. The X-motion follows the MG brand design philosophy of Emotional Dynamism that was showcased in the brand’s first full electric sports car concept, the MG E-motion.

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